Me Before You – a soul touching novel

I am one of the sucker for Game of Thrones, especially Khaleesi.  When I saw Khaleesi’s (Emilia Clark) picture on the book cover, I had to get the novel. Andy convinced me to get Kindle version. But I love to hold a book and read. Known fact that I am going to clutter by buying books, but I have a strong connection with the books that I collect. I have always had a hard time letting go of books. Little I knew that he surprised buying that novel for my birthday the very next week. Andy is not big on surprises, we went for a romantic dinner and when we came home he asked me to open the car dashboard. There it was, ‘Me Before You’. Totally surprised. I read this novel long back, but the narration stuck in my heart that I had to write about ‘Me Before You’. I am not going to review this book, just sharing how I felt while reading this book. This isn’t a new novel, it’s been there while. I would have never purchased unless for Emilia’s picture on the cover. I know there is going to be a movie and wanted to read it before the movie is released.


Me Before You is one such book that makes you travel the whole story, page by page and line by line.   Mainly involves two characters Louisa Clarke and will Traynor. Louisa is fondly known ‘Lou’ in the whole novel.  Lou is a cheerful and zany caregiver for Will. Will was a successful banker who is paralyzed after an accident.  Cute story with a beautiful ending. You will know that Lou fell in love with Will, waiting to know when Lou will realize is something magical. There are only handful of stories that you don’t want to end, for me this is one of those novels. Am not going to give you any spoilers, this story will definitely make you cry at the climax. It is a feel good story, read it when you’re low or feeling lonely. Trust me you will feel good about yourself.

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