Yogurt Sandwich

My sweet tooth!

I have to eat something sweet or a fruit after lunch. Eating a cake or ice cream after lunch is too much sugar. Mostly I control myself and not have anything after my lunch. It is hard but I tried and gradually started to make alternative dessert options. The first thing that came to my mind was that the alternative shouldn’t deprive in it’s taste.

I started by reducing the amount of sweet (ice cream) intake , from a full size to half and then quarter. When the amount of dessert intake came down, I made myself ice cream sandwich with Graham Crackers with a tbsp of ice cream. Sometimes I make a bowl of fruit salad with a spoon of ice cream mixed well, coating the fruits and use Graham Crackers(2 squares) as spoon. It’s just amazing. Then I substituted ‘Greek Yogurt’ instead of ice cream and cake.

Yogurt Sandwich is a staple in my household but never has come to my mind to blog about it. I made some for this week and decided to post. I don’t eat the yogurt sandwich daily, I make three sandwich for a week and freeze them. I alternate between sorbet, fruit salad and yogurt sandwich. I mostly grab yogurt sandwich when i feel like having ice cream or a cake. This made me slowly appreciate healthy dessert options.

I am going to make three flavors of Yogurt Sandwich, you can make it anyway you like. My most favorite is yogurt and brown sugar.


Brown Sugar Yogurt Sandwich


2 squares of Graham Crackers

1 tbsp of Greek Yogurt

¼ tsp of brown sugar/honey



Sprinkle brown sugar over a tbsp of yogurt and let it sit in refrigerator for 10 mins. The brown sugar will  melt over the yogurt. You can also stir if you like. But I like the swirls of brown sugar.

Now spoon it over a cracker and spread. Cover it with another cracker. Store it in a ziploc bag and freeze. Your done.


Raspberry Jam and Yogurt Sandwich


2 squares of Graham Crackers

1 tbsp of Greek Yogurt

¼ raspberry jam or preserve/honey



Spread the jam over a cracker and set it aside.

Now on the second cracker, spread the yogurt. Make a sandwich and your done.


Mixed berry Yogurt Sandwich


2 squares of Graham Crackers

1 tbsp of Greek Yogurt

½ tsp of frozen mixed berry



Smash the berries with fork and mix it well with yogurt.

Spread it over a cracker. Make a sandwich and your done.


Do not smash the berries fully, every bite you should get some bits and pieces of berries. 

You can also use plain yogurt instead of Greek yogurt, make sure it not sour. 


Store it in ziploc bag, freeze and enjoy. Freezing them overnight makes it much more tastier.


Now it is a tasty treat without guilt.



Do let me know with is your favorite flavor.










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