Açaí Bowl ( Smoothie Bowl)

Açaí Bowl is a super food. Açaí berry is rich in antioxidants. I make sure to add some kind of berry in my daily diet. One such think is smoothie bowl. I have been having smoothie bowl for a while now, mostly after an afternoon work out or as a mid-noon snack. This sure will keep you full for a while. Plus it is low in calorie and healthy too.

It is not just Açaí bowl, you can make smoothie bowl with any fruit you like. I prefer using Açaí  juice, simply because I like to mix it with apple juice directly instead of making a smoothie(We all have those busy day). Buying two different items for same product,it didn’t make any sense. So I just opted for Açaí juice. My favorite version is mixed berry and banana. Trust me guys, it so so refreshing. You can also have it for breakfast, just add in some peanut butter, yogurt or protein powder. You will fell full until your lunch.



½ cup of frozen mixed berry

½ frozen banana

¼ cup of unsweetened almond milk

½ cup of  Açaí juice


For Topping,

1 tbsp of Goji berry

½ cup of mixed fruits, cut

Note: Goji berry is optional, it just adds a chewy texture to the smoothie. It almost tastes like raisin.


Blend everything together into nice smooth paste. It will be little thicker then your normal smoothie. That’s how it should be.

Top it with fruits and goji berry.


So refreshing and pretty!!!



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