Honey + Cinnamon acne cure.

Yes! I went little crazy and changed my blog name. I just didn’t feel that name coz I am planning to add new categories. I desperately wanted to find common grounds for my blog and my personality. so I just went with ‘CARDAMOM TWIST’ , cardamom is one of the spices I use very often. actually daily, I love my evening teas(Indian chai) with cardamom. (If you want to know my masala chai recipe, please do leave a comment below.)

Please do bear with my craziness.
Now let’s get straight to today’s post. It is a DIY but different from my previous posts. It is from my night-time skin care routine. I find it effective so thought why not share it with you.
I like to pamper my skin before going to sleep. I try not to use chemicals often. I tend towards natural products. This particular paste is fully organic and my skin loves it. I never knew that honey can give a radiance to your skin and help cure acne. I felt like using chemical for acne made my skin super dry. So I tried using honey. I do not use it daily, just until my acne is gone.

I would suggest using a clean cosmetic container and a mini spatula/tooth pick. For the container you will find it in travel aisle in any drugstore. I got mine from Walmart. Form some reason this one is sturdy and of good quality.


Take equal parts of HONEY + CINNAMON. I used about a tsp of each. That much will do for a week.


Mix it using cosmetic spatula/toothpick.


Apply on acne spots. You can use it before going to sleep or apply and leave it  for at least 1 hours. Wash your face in luke warm water. Pat your face dry, It is very important not to wipe your face. Just PAT, PAT, PAT…. Be gentle.
.  DSC_0497

Moisturize your face or use a night cream.

Honey+Cinnamon helped me, but this might differ for every skin tone. If you use natural products for your skin, this is worth trying.

Glow from within!


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