Rustic and chic ‘Christmas Wreath’

December is my favorite month of all, truly only because of Christmas. I love love Christmas. Its all of family getting together, joy and presents. I do most of my DIY during Christmas. Back in India I used to browse stores for gift supplies. My favorite part is to make a homemade gifts. It is really sweet and personal to give homemade gifts. I miss celebrating Christmas with my family. We do try to make the most of it.

Christmas is just around the corner. Its high time to check for Christmas decors and stock if any needed. I find wreaths to be over prized. It literally costs half the price than a readymade one. I shop for craft supplies from Michaels, they do have holiday offers. Usually its 50% off one item and you will find in-store offers from 30 – 40% in Christmas decors.

The wreath I designed is rustic and chic. Inspired by target’s plaid ad I used plaid ribbon. I think ‘plaid ribbon’ adds rustic charm to the wreath. You can always mix and match. I did throw in a bit of glitter ribbon, a girl needs some glitter. DSC_0670.JPG


Things  you will need for this charming wreath,

Wreath- 24″ Noble Fir Wreath By Celebrate It™ $6.99 Michaels

Plaid ribbon- Celebrate It™ Christmas, 1.5″ x 25ft $2.99 Michaels

Red mesh ribbon- Basic Mesh By Celebrate It™ Christmas, 5.5″ $2.99 Michaels

Jingle bells- Jingle Bells By Creatology™  $4.29 Michaels

Green copper wire- Darice Craft Designer 20 Gauge Wire $2.99  Jo-Ann fabric

Red flower-  $1 Dollar tree


Prices listed above are how much I paid. Most of them had 30-40% off. For the websites listed are just example of supplies for wreath. Prices and colors may vary.

The bows I made needs a little practice. You can also make a simple loop bows. No big deal, it will look stunning as well. If you don’t need all that hassle then buy bows from Michaels. They have a huge collection.


Note: Use wired ribbons, they are easy to manipulate. 

Yes, I did get red glitters all over my face after making the bows. If your need, wear safety goggles.


After making the bows, start putting everything together using the copper wire. Arrange it any way you like, its merely your personal preference. I like to keep it imperfect here and there, not too symmetrical. It should feel like homemade and simple.




Damn the wreaths in store are expensive. DIY a wreath, its inexpensive and looks great. You can make it look more grand using gold ribbons and bells. I am rolling with a theme for this Christmas, where ‘rustic meets chic’. So keeping it subtle.

Let me know your theme for Christmas.

Feliz navidad!!!




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