Wonton in Spicy Sauce

Dumpling love!
One of the thing that I missed in LA after moving from Philly was dumplings. In and around Philly there were few Thai and Chinese restaurants with delicious dumplings. Andy and I have tried quite a few restaurants for good dumpling but it always turned out to be a failure.
Today (Friday) dumpling exploration was a huge hit. Seriously I was so excited that I am posting it right after my dinner at ‘Tampa Garden Chinese Delight’. It is a family owned restaurant, reasonable price and delicious dumplings. Ambience is little off but it didn’t bother us. Who cares, we loved the food. If you are looking for calm dinner time, this is not your place.


To begin with the food it was too good. The dumpling was juicy and perfectly seasoned. The peanut sauce was to die for. Although the name suggests ‘spicy’, actually it was not that spicy. You will need a kick of heat in that creamy peanut sauce.
Anybody looking for good dumpling, this is the one. You could actually see them making dumplings in front of you. It’s a good find… Try it!
Love some dumpling…

Tampa Garden Chinese Delight
8241 Tampa Ave, Reseda, CA 91335


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