Masala Sweet Corn

Masala Sweet Corn is one of my favorite street food. Whenever I go out for shopping, I always look forward to snack on some Masala Sweet Corn. It is tasty, but a very simple recipe. Usually I sprinkle some chat masala and paprika over corn on the cob, grilled it. But I wanted to have corn in a very old street food style. As usual I had some frozen corn  in my freezer. I often use frozen corn in curry, salad and dips. But today I just wanted to have some Masala Sweet Corn in front of the television. Cozy in cold evenings. Southern California is still cold, we are keeping our heater on after 2 years.


Masala Sweet Corn is a quick snack recipe. A bag of sweet corn, butter and some masala, that’s it.



12 oz bag of sweet corn (approximately 340g)

1 tsp of unsalted butter

¼ tsp of chat masala

¼ tsp of paprika

¼ tsp of pepper

Salt to taste



You can buy cooked sweet corn or just buy a microwave steam bag of corn. I steamed my corn bag for about 4 minutes as per the cooking instructions.

Transfer the corn to a bowl.



Add butter and rest of the ingredients while the corn is still hot.



Mix the masala and corn together. Taste and add salt if needed.




You can always add more chili powder or paprika if you want the corn to be spicy. I added paprika for its smoky flavor.

You can also substitute olive oil instead of butter. 




Golden Sweet Corn!!!


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