Sorbet & More

I have never really enjoyed sorbet until becoming health conscious. I guess you will agree that a meal is never complete without a dessert. A dessert should be tasty and fulfilling, but when it comes to a healthy meal you can never go back to any dessert and add calories to your body.

Pineapple is a crowd pleasing fruit. It has the intense flavor and it is very juicy, perfect for sorbet.

Freeze chunks of pineapple over night. Add it to food processor or blender, pulse it for few seconds.

You can add a table spoon of honey while blending, in this case the pineapple I used was sweet. So I added some while serving, just to amplify the sweetness of pineapple.


Strawberry is also a crowd pleasing fruit and kids love them. Freeze some chopped strawberries or store buy it. Add STRAWBERRY + tbsp of HONEY + tsp of LEMON JUICE to a food processor or blender, pulse it until smooth.


Enjoy the yummy strawberry sorbet!

Banana has a great texture, smooth as yogurt and ice cream.

Add frozen BANANA + COCOA POWDER to a blender or a food processor, pulse it until smooth.

Add almonds to taste and enjoy. Almonds are completely optional, banana and cocoa combination itself tastes yummy.

If you the banana you use is less sweet go ahead and add a tbsp of honey.

Always use cocoa powder, it has less calories than chocolate chips. You can freeze the mixture overnight and serve it like brownies too. Banana is a great fruit to try healthy desserts.


Guiltless dessert! Try it! Enjoy! & Pls leave your comments below.


One thought on “Sorbet & More

  1. Ema Jones says:

    Pineapples and strawberries are definitely crowd pleasing fruits ❤ <3, and perfect for summer.
    I liked banana treat, yeah I will be adding cashew nuts to it also..


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