Potato Bread Rolls

Hearty evening snacks are always enjoyed happily in my home. Especially on a rainy day with a cup of Chai, awww! heavenly. There are two ways to do it, deep fry or baked. I have baked my rolls. Its easy to make and very tasty.



1 cup of chopped onions

3 finely chopped green chilli

½ cup of peas (cooked)

¼ cup of chopped cilantro

1½ cup of boiled potatoes ( with salt and turmeric)

4 to 6 white bread (crust cut off)

¼ cup of coconut milk





Saute the onions and chilli until translucent. Now add the mashed potatoes, peas and cilantro to the onions. Saute till potatoes are warmed.


Preheat oven at 350 degrees.

Dilute the coconut milk to ¾  cup of water. Brush the breads with coconut milk, perfectly soaked. Place a ball of potato mixture in the center of the bread and roll it. Make sure that its sealed perfectly.

Note: I am not using butter over the rolls, cause coconut milk will give nice golden color. 



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