Spanish Inspired Quinoa

Yay!!!! almost weekend. Happy but less energized. The mid weekdays are always busy and exhausting. By Tuesday I will be longing for Friday evening. Even the very thought makes me feel exhausted. Thursdays are very busy and am on my feet all day. I try to eat more protein and keep my energy up. I need super food. So  I start my thursdays with a good smoothie, Strawberry-Banana-Yogurt smoothie. It was yum and cold for this freaking LA weather. Wish I could escape to a colder place every weekend. But  I am so afraid of the weather, all I want is to stay indoors all weekend. It is hot all day and the night breeze.

I was doing some prep work and organized all day, was busy and needed a power lunch. It was a late lunch around 2.30 pm. I charred a corn, half a red bell pepper and tomato in the oven, it was perfect. Skinned and chopped the tomatoes and bell pepper. Cooked the veggies with quinoa and seasoned well. While it was cooking I broiled Tilapia for myself and Andy. Now my lunch is ready. It was so yummy and filling. Kept me full until dinner.



1 garlic clove chopped finely

½ cup of chopped red onion

½ cup of chopped celery

½ roasted red bell pepper

1 roasted tomato

½ cup of roasted corn kernels

¾ cup of black beans, cooked

1 tsp of ground cumin

1½ tbsp of ground cayenne

1 cup of quinoa

½ lemon

1 tbsp of chopped cilantro

Salt and Pepper to taste



Oven roast red bell pepper and tomatoes. Skin and chop red bell pepper and chop them.

Char the corn on the cob in oven. Remove the kernels from the cob.

Sauté onion, celery and garlic in a wide pan over a medium heat. Now add in all the ingredients.  Sauté for a minute.


Season the mixture with salt and pepper.

Add two cups of water, cover with lid and cook at medium heat.


Finish it off with lemon and cilantro.


You can also puree the roasted tomatoes if you like your quinoa tangy.

Can also top it with freshly chopped cucumber and avocado.

You can cook everything separately and mix it just before serving, with some kale and lettuce. Just like a salad.

By itself is a great meal. I particularly like this recipe with fish. Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste any less delicious. During your busy weeks, make a big batch and portion it. Make it a day ahead, it tastes even better.


Grill a fish and enjoy your meal.




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