Classic Crème Caramel

Craving for gourmet dessert on weekdays. Here is my very simple version of flan or Crème Caramel. Real simple ingredients that we have in our refrigerator and pantry everyday. Easy and light, yet tasty. You can add your own twist to the flan by adding nutmeg or cinnamon.






2 eggs,
½ cup of whole milk / cream / half and half
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Hot water
2 ramekins

Note: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray the ramekins with baking spray.



Tasty caramel,

Simply add ½ cup of sugar to a heavy bottom skillet in medium flame.
Let it stand until it melts, carefully swirl the skillet frequently. Do not stir the melted sugar.
Keep a watchful eye when it turns golden, tends to burn quickly.
Keep swirling the skillet, remove it a tad before you get the caramel color. Caramel will get dark even after removing from flame.
Pour the caramel quickly to ramekins as two equal parts.


Whipping time,

Beat an egg, one yolk and remaining sugar until the sugar dissolves.
Add warm cream to the mixture when your still stirring it. Finally add the vanilla extract and mix well.
Strain the mixture into a pitcher or measuring cup. Now carefully pour it over the caramel filled ramekins.



Place the ramekins in a large baking pan and transfer it to the baking rack.
Now very carefully, pour hot water into the large baking tray (half way to the ramekins). This will cook the custard evenly.
Bake for about 30 mins.



Note: Do not poke and check whether it is cooked or not. Just wiggle the ramekins and see if the mixture is wobbly. If so cook for 3 – 4 mins or until it is not wobbly.

Carefully release the sides with thin knife. Place a plate on the ramekin firmly and turn the ramekin over the plate.





Now, you have a beautiful flan. Serve it hot or cold with fruits.



Yum! Yum!



This is what happened after the photo shoot. Took just five minutes.



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