Breakfast at ‘Chocolatine’

Chocolatine is a beautiful and a very cute French Cafe. The second you open the door, you will be hit with the beautiful aroma of coffee and pastries. You will feel as if your walking in a lane with rows of bakery and coffee shop. Host was really great and the owners were creative to post the story behind their cafe.

Okay, am gonna start talking about the food we ordered. I had cappuccino and Andy had mocha. I don’t think have to explain, the picture speaks for itself. Look at the cup, it looks so pretty.


Andy was so excited to have his mocha, he couldn’t wait until I took a picture.


Of course, you got to order the crepe when in a ‘French Cafe’. I had the yummiest strawberry crepe. Crepe here had the perfect amount of sweetness, not too sweet.


Andy had ‘Croque Roast Beef’, I am not a fan of beef in general. But Andy was persistent in me taking a bite. Yep it was yummy. One bite changed to two, three, four… Andy was happy that I was open to trying beef in ‘Chocolatine’. Thoughtful presentation.


Apart from breakfast and brunch, they had petite pastries, chocolate, macaroon and meringue.

Tempting Meringues.20160813_10332120160813_10333720160813_10334320160813_10334620160813_103355

My favorite Macaroon…20160813_103400

I picked up a few.20160813_181120

‘Chocolatine’ is like a Little France.


Chocolatine address: 2955 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362


Chocolatine is an experience!




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